• Company's Mission

    Become a well-known global e-sport brand

  • Company's Vision

    TIEM becomes the first brand of e-sport equipment in the world

  • Company Purpose

    An e-sport brand, which succeeds with excellent product quality, professional customers service, always take general public benefits as their fundamental nature, continuous innovation, sustainable development, and only manufactures products that make Chinese people proud.

  • Entrepreneurship and Culture

    Continuously learn from successful enterprises, benchmarking against Huawei and Apple Inc, adopt Wolf Culture and Military Culture, and blend in with Buddhism knowledge- the commandments meditation and wisdom, and using it as the culture and spirit of TIEM to push for rapid and healthy development

  • Innovative concepts

    Ideas determine the way out, innovation determines the future while waiting means dying, innovative technology, creative management style allow employees and enterprise to realise their own value in this ever-changing world.

  • Our service philosophy

    Stay alert to latest trend, act fast to fulfil customers’ need, put customers at top priority, and exceed customers’ expectation.

Corporate Culture of TIEM

1.First, the ideological system

(1) Core concept

The core concept of the company's corporate culture is "International TIME, a century-old enterprise". "International TIME" means that the scale, management and culture of the company have reached the international level and become a world-class enterprise; "100-year enterprise" means that the enterprise should pursue the longevity of the foundation and the long-term interests. 2. Corporate mission

"To create wealth, a public welfare society". 3. Core values

The value of people is higher than the value of things, the value of enterprises is higher than the personal value of employees, and the value of society is higher than the value of enterprises.

2.Second, the system

In order to ensure the inheritance, dissemination, implementation and execution of corporate culture, the company has set up a corporate culture center. The grassroots companies are equipped with special corporate culture commissioners to form a complete corporate culture system to ensure that there is a plan at the beginning of the year and a summary at the end of the year; Funds are budgeted, and training is assessed.

3. Main features

(1) Dare to innovate

Dare to innovate is the first characteristic of TIME culture, that is, dare to dare to dare to try, dare to think and dare to do.

TIME e-sports technology is the earliest company that proposed the concept of internet cafe and wrote the company's annual budget in the proportion of R&D expenses. It is the largest in product development investment. At present, all products are ahead of the market and customer needs. Industry leader.

(2) Adhere to integrity and fairness

Sticking to integrity is the core feature of TIME culture.

Since the establishment of the company, it has been able to provide maximum service and support to all customers regardless of size, and has a high reputation in the industry. Only genuine integrity can win the world. The only criterion for the internal company regardless of job title and qualifications is fairness, principle in major matters, and style in minor matters.

(3) Caring for employees

TIME E-sports Technology regards employees as the core capital of the company, and the development achievements first benefit the employees, so that the employees can make long-term skills, salary increases, and long-term happiness index at TIME; the company's vacation system, the outstanding employees of the company and the company are evaluated each year, and two people are reimbursed. Air ticket, free stay in star hotels around the world for vacation.

(4) Focus on charity

Since the establishment of the company, the company has always advocated the integration and participation of employees and management in charity. The company also advocates the concept of everyone's public welfare. All employees of the company have become volunteers and participate in volunteer activities from time to time.

(5) Be the best

The company has an ambitious vision, has extremely high requirements for work standards, and pursues "let all work become a fine product". As long as TIME enters the industry, it should at least be the first in the Chinese industry and pursue the first in the world.

(6) Strong execution

Strong execution is a prominent feature of the company's corporate culture. First, when it comes to doing it, TIME will do the project first, and then do the project, do the planning and design, measure the cost, and then decide whether to invest. The second is to implement modular control of the plan during the project development process to ensure that the project's overall cost and cash flow are within the scope of the plan's control. The third is that the rewards and penalties are clear, and the TIME system has clear rewards and penalties.

4. Rich carrier of TIME eSports technology corporate culture

(1) An all-media promotion platform. Including the company's official website, monthly magazines, mobile newspapers, elevator videos, mobile clients, etc., a comprehensive, timely and effective corporate culture communication system has been formed.

(2) A set of internal publications every year. Including TIME e-sports technology annual picture book, corporate social responsibility report, TIME story, speech collection, etc.

(3) One book recommended by the general manager every year. It has been recommended to read "Disciple Rules", "There must be a way to implement", "Pursue Excellence", "Responsibility is better than ability", "Do the job to the extreme", "The Simplest Problem Solving Manual in History", "Sheepskin Roll" "Following the Four Trainings", "Sunzi Art of War" and "Internet Age"

(4) An annual speech contest. Focus on the bibliography recommended by the general manager and launch a speech contest.

(5) An annual employee talent competition. Including calligraphy, painting, seal cutting, singing, musical instruments, dance and other rich categories, it greatly enriches the spare time cultural life of employees.

(6) Volunteer at least once a year. All companies in the company have set up volunteer stations, all employees become volunteers, and each employee volunteers once a year.

(7) A series of employee games every year. Including football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, tug of war, fun games and other rich sports competitions. The company plays football once a week, regardless of age, sex, age or sex.

(8) An annual spiritual journey. Visit the poor and ask for help, help the poor and help the poor, and baptize the soul once.

(9) A happy holiday every year. Give excellent employees and their families reimbursement of two round-trip air tickets, free choice of national star hotels for free.

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