Internet cafe one-stop solution

Every component of the TIEM e-sports product is shining, which is consistent inherited quality and traditional performance of Chinese military industry. Beyond ourselves, being a leader in the industry, creating a national military industry brand is the unremitting pursuit of all our TIEM people. At the same time, thanks to the support and love of every channel agent and customer, we will develop more healthily and continue to introduce better quality products. The product is for you.

Alibaba Sports BEYOND E-sports

TIEM Internet Café Case Sharing This time, I will introduce you to the "First-line Sky Internet Café", which is affiliated with Alibaba's Alibaba Sports BEYOND e-sports.


Heilongjiang Earl Gaming Hall

Piaget E-sports Internet Café is dedicated to creating the first high-end e-sports entertainment internet cafe platform in Jiamusi Tangyuan County, Heilongjiang, which is a good place for your competition, leisure and entertainment. Red and blue seats, 100-inch projection real-time broadcast, looking forward to e-sports fans, come here to feel the real e-sports storm.


Internet cafe in Shenzhen, Guangdong

(TIEM), focusing on the research and development and production of equipment in the e-sports industry, we are a first-class expert in the e-sports industry. As a high-end and professional e-sports brand iron curtain, it provides the best e-sports equipment for global e-sports players!


Shanghai Yibo E-sports

The seventh-generation high-performance I5-7400 CPU, 16G memory, GTX-1060 6G alone were used in the audience, equipped with high-end iron screen CM3202P, TIEM T3207P 144Hz gaming monitor